Hello and welcome to COTA's page for J.D. My name is Steve Folmar, I have the honor of being J.D.'s uncle. Julie Underwood, Margaret Anderson, myself, and many volunteers are coordinating COTA fundraising events in our community soon. We are just getting started and have alot of events planned that will be entertaining as well as benificial. Monetary donations can be made right here on this site and are GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you for visiting our website and stay tuned for upcoming events!

J.D. is the son of Angela

J.D. is the son of Angela and essays for me Jason Stark. Born in 2009, J.D. was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. The doctors at Florida Hospital in Orlando have recommended a life-saving kidney transplant. An estimated $70,000 is being raised by Lynn Haven volunteers. 

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Day 1 Donor Evaluation

Hi everyone this is Angela, JD's mom.  Today was my first day of the donor evaluation process.  It consisted of 24 hour urine collection, talking with my Nurse Coordinator, Dietician, bloodwork, and Nuclear Medicine Test.

Learned everything from my blood work looked good so far and got some pointers from the dietician on a few diet changes.  Tomorrow we will meet with the Nephrologist, Surgeon, Social Work, Living Donor Advocate, along with more blood work, and CT Scan.

Should know the results within a week or two.  I still have one other doctor appointment scheduled May 30th.  JD has one last doctor visit on May 11th for the last review for him to be ready for transplant.  If all goes well with appointments tomorrow and May 30th we can look to schedule a date for Surgery.

Hi there! I'm Julie